Presence of Chris Bandy Executive officer of Growth & Emerging markets division of Australian government (Australian trade commission) in IUMS.

 | Post date: 2016/07/16 | 

The meeting was held in 13th July 2016 in the office of vice-chancellor for international affairs.

In the meeting, initially, Dr.M.S ghasemi explained some introduction about Iran University of medical sciences. Also he announced about the responsibility of the university in health services, the schools of the university and the research centers and hospitals of the university.

He also mentioned the MOU between IUMS and Macquarie University of Australia in exchange students and academic staffs and different research area.

Chris dandy declared the Australian government enthusiasm in order to develop the relations and have collaboration with Islamic republic of Iran in the field of investment, tourism and especially developing the relations in educational fields.


By: Samira Homayounfard

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