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دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ایران
Iran University of Medical Sciences
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History of Hospital from the time of its establishment till now 
At the beginning of the establishment (1933), this hospital was a place for maintaining orphans and after some time internal diseases and patients who had been infected with Tuberculosis were visited and admitted. The hospital was affiliated to the SHIR-O-KHORSHID Organization before the Islamic Revolution and after the victory of the revolution, was affiliated to the Dispensary of Tehran province and after years was covered by the University of Medical Sciences and Health Services of Iran, and now several departments are actively serving patients in this hospital.  
LOLAGAR Hospital is a treatment center that by employing skilled, competent, committed and caring staff provides high quality and cost-effective healthcare services in order to provide and promote the health status of different clients.
The Vision of LOLAGAR Hospital is to achieve the best quality treatment services with the most appropriate costs in Tehran province for the next 5 years.
Values ​​statement
The most important values, namely the beliefs of LOLAGAR Hospital are as follow:
* Commitment to the Religious Principles of Islam: As a guide for the Organization for Achieving Human Excellence
* Customer Orientation: Respecting the rights of patients and employees by maintaining human dignity
* Continuous quality: Ensuring compliance of the provided treatment services with the highest standards 
* Excellence: Interest in promoting quality processes within the framework of the organizational excellence model
* Environmental friendly: As one of the most important regional and global indicators
* Teaching and retraining
* Empathy, honesty, joyfulness
* Discipline

Thanking you for your trust in LOLAGAR Health Center
This brochure has been provided to you for informing about your required healthcare services.
          Terms and Conditions and Contracting Insurance Companies 
* This hospital has contracts with social security, armed forces and health services (staff, supportive, other classes, public health, and rural and nomadic) insurance organizations.
* In case of having supplementary insurance, when clearing, upon receipt of invoice and the required clinical documents from your medical file and giving them to the supplementary insurance organizations, the paid expenses can be received. (If your clinical documents are not complete during clearance, 15 days later by referring to the medical records unit, receive your documents).   
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Services offered in the hospital
* The sections of this hospital including: CCU, Post CCU, Pediatric, Neonatal, NICU, Post NICU, General surgery, Internal, Urology, Women and Maternity section, ICU and Pregnancy Care. 
Para Clinical services including: Radiology, Sonography, Lab, pharmacy, Pathology, Spirometry, Endoscopy, Cystoscopy, Echo, Exercise test, Muscle nerve Picture, TCD, Stone Crushing, etc. 
* Other Clinics of the Center: Specialized Diabetes Clinic with the aim of training and controlling blood glucose and the clinic of pregnant mothers with the aim of training the pregnant mothers and their companions about physiology of delivery, lactation and cares during pregnancy and postpartum.
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Predictable costs
Hospitalized patients with basic health insurance pay 6% of the billing fee based on the approved tariffs, and outpatients pay 30% of the costs.
 * Villagers and nomads and residents of cities under 20 thousand (having a rural insurance booklet) and other people who refer to the hospital based on referral system will pay 3% of the total cost of the services.
 * The list of the latest hospital tariffs is available on the reception desk for visiting by respectful patients.
Injured patients in Traffic accident (Article 92 of the law) will be eligible for a free treatment in case of having a sketch of place of accident by Police or Tehran Emergency Card.
* Natural delivery is performed free of charge in hospitals covered by the Health Promotion Plan.
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Supportive systems
 The support unit is responsible for addressing the vulnerable groups (located in the yard, next to the entrance door of units) to help and guide the respectable clients in the morning shifts and the nursing office is responsible for this in the evening and night shifts.
* Hospital Complaints Unit: Tel number: 64033369 SMS: 09100629570 and email: hos.lolagar@gmail.com
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How to accept patients
 In case of outpatients, in order to get an appointment time of doctors in the morning turn, with taking turn by numbering device and a call by the respective room, reception will be done.
* In case of termination of specialized doctors' appointment times, reception unit will inform it.
 * In case of hospitalized patients, having the original and copy of the birth certificate and national card, and copy of the first page of insurance booklet, refer to the hospitalization room (first room on the left side).
* The address given at the time of reception must be provided with great care, since it could not be modified after being registered, and is cited when issuing a birth certificate and taking a birth certificate and letters will be sent to the same address.
 * Patients with an emergency card without standing in the queue can refer to the hospitalization room (the first room on the left side).
The hospital`s clearance unit:  Hospitalized Patients` file will be sent to the pharmacy unit by the clerk and after required approvals will be sent to the clearance unit, and then clerk will informing you about referring to the clearance unit.

Address: LOLAGAR Hospital – Between Azerbaijan and DAMPEZESHKI Streets, KHOSH Street, Tehran
Tel: 021-66835000       021-64033333         021-64033209
Fax: 021-66879611
Some Telephone numbers of LOLAGAR Hospital`s treatment center
Head of the hospital and management
Head of the hospital and management 021 – 64033000
Internal number 216 – 217
Fax 66879611
Financial Department
Head of Accounting 66830008 – Internal number 206
Income 218 – 227
Clearance 304
Credits Unit 214
Handling Unit 286
Cheque issuance Unit 274
Insurance Agent 276
Administrative Department
Head of Administrative Department 66380083
Secretariat 205
Personnel 272 – 273
Archive 316
Nursing station
Head of Nursing station 66879612 – 265
Secretary of Nursing station 278
Supervisor 287
Department of statistics and Medical Documents
Responsible of Medical Documents 306
Medical Documents 213
Reception 231




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