Vice Chancellor for Healthcare- Main Tasks
Main Tasks

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  • Controlling food distribution and public centers (inspection, training, law enforcement, and sampling)
  • Controlling the health of food and food-relating places and centers for issuing Health Competency certificate
  • Monitoring the use of poisons and anti-insect pests in non-agricultural applications
  • Taking passive defense and environmental health measures in disasters and incidents
  • Issuing medical examination cards
  • Monitoring environmental health and controlling infections in hospitals, surgical clinics, and comprehensive healthcare centers
  • Controlling and supervising activities of public health schools and guilds
  • Controlling and inspecting vehicles requesting transportation permit
  • Monitoring, supervising, and evaluating covered (affiliated) comprehensive healthcare centers
  • Empowering environmental health personnel
  • Evaluating hygienic status of hospitals
  • Addressing inquiries of Vice-Chancellor’s Office for Health about the approved healthcare centers (clinics, addiction rehabilitation centers, etc.)
  • Addressing inquiries of Vice-Chancellor’s Office for Health about addiction rehabilitation camps, centers, and the like
  • Controlling the hygiene and protecting against non-ionizing radiation
  • Creating Environmental Health Statistics and Information System
  • Organizing training, briefing, and retraining workshops
  • Monitoring, supervising, and evaluating healthcare centers and affiliated units
  • Investigating the competence of insect-fighting companies in public and private arenas
  • Addressing inquiries from specialized healthcare centers, hospitals and centers using radiation
  • Controlling the hygiene and protecting against ionizing radiation
  • Monitoring the health of drinking water and sewage (Chlorine assessment and sampling, inspection visits, handling complaints, etc.)
  • Supervising swimming pools and water recreation centers
  • Collecting and analyzing statistics and information
  • Monitoring Air pollution
  • Improving rural environment (construction and reform of sanitary toilet)
  • Fighting and controlling smoking
  • Monitoring environmental health in schools
  • Addressing public complaints in the electronic system of complaints
  • Managing pesticides and toxins
  • Creating healthy city (CBI)
  • Assessing iodine content of salts
  • Putting down stray dogs
  • Monitoring environment health of mosques
  • Managing waste and its relation to public health
  • Monitoring environmental health of livestock centers and controlling environmental factors of humans and livestock common diseases
  • Monitoring environment hygiene of the cemeteries, holy sites, and morgues
  • Controlling environmental factors of emerging and reemerging diseases
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