Vice Chancellor for Healthcare- Main Tasks
Main Tasks

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  • Reflecting and explaining organizational views, policies and plans
  • Implementing organizational news, advertising, publishing, and studying policies
  • Establishing a relationship based on good understanding of people, social institutions and organizational officials using new techniques and media in the form of integrated public relations
  • Preparing and publishing organizational news, announcements, statements, notices and messages in the mass media.
  • Communicating organizational administrative plans, policies, and performance to the audience
  • Planning and cooperating in holding conferences, seminars, festivals, interviews and provincial and national inspection visits
  • Reviewing the content published in the media in relation to organizational performance and providing appropriate feedback to competent authorities
  • Forming and cooperating with campaigns for holding national intra-organizational events and ceremonies
  • Establishing information systems
  • Publishing online and printed periodicals and case publications within the organization
  • Establishing continuous and regular communication with other centers and organizations and institutions
  • Policy-making, planning, and coordinating in order to hold specialized domestic and foreign exhibitions within the organization's field of work
  • Preparing and implementing research projects related to organizational activities
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