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Academic Rules & Regulations

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Article 1: Each academic year contains two semesters and one summer period, if required.
Article 2: Each semester consists of 17 educational weeks and the summer period consists of 6 educational weeks, containing each theoretical, practical, and laboratorial or internship described according to the branch.
Article 3: All Courses are based on the unit selection system.
Article 4: In each semester of first and second stages of the M.D. or Pharm D Program taking a minimum 12 up to 20 credits is allowed.
NOTE 1: If a student acquires a minimum total average of 17 in a semester, s/he can take a maximum 24 credits with the agreement of the supervisor in the next semester.
Article 5: Each theoretical and practical (or laboratorial) unit is counted in a way that its content is taught in 17hrs and 34hrs respectively through an educational semester or summer period.
Article 6: Participation in the Basic Sciences Comprehensive Exam is allowed for three times. If the student fails to acquire a passing grade in the exam, s/he will be barred from continuing study in the M.D. or Pharm D Program.
NOTE2: If the student fails to acquire a passing score in the Basic Sciences (M.D.) or Pharmaceutical Comprehensive Examination during the first 4 years or students who are unable to finish the first and second academic stages in 5 years from beginning of the M. D. or Pharm D program they will be barred from continuing education in the program of M.D or Pharm.D program.
Article 7: Assessing the student’s improvement in each semester is based on the student’s attendance in classes, activities and results of midterm & final exams. The professor of the courses are the authorities for the student’s assessment.
Article 8: The educational improvement assessment scale for students is the final exam result and the students mark for each course which will be numerically between 0(zero) to 20(twenty).
Article 9: The minimum passing mark for general courses, basic sciences, and physiopathology is 10, the minimum passing mark for theoretical courses of the clinical training and also the relevant parts of the third and fourth stages of medical education is 12.
Article 10: The final mark of the student will be presented in maximum 10 days after the exam to the Department of Education.
Article 11: The average marks of units for each semester should not be below 12; otherwise, the student will be registered for next term as conditioned.
Article 12: The students can omit a maximum of two courses or register for two other courses within 2 weeks after beginning of each semester, provided that the selected unites do not exceed from the appointed limits mentioned in article 6.
Article 13: The students can omit only one of the theoretical courses until 5 weeks to the end of the semester by confirmation of Department of Education, provided that:

  • first : The number of absent hours do not exceed 4/17

  • Second: The remaining units do not be below 12 Credits.

Article 14: omitting all the selected units in a semester before 17th week of the education, is allowed only if,

  • first the unjustified absence doesn’t exceed 4/17,

  • second the  student is not able to continue education in that semester according to the recognition of Department of Education.

Article 15: The presence of students is necessary in al sessions and clinical training and internship courses. (Not applicable for Pharm D students)  
Article 16: For M.D: Total hours of absence must not exceed 4/17 of theoretical lessons, and 1/10 of training, internship and workshops. Otherwise, the score for that lessons would be zero.
For Pharm D:  Total hours of absence must not exceed 4/17 of theoretical the lessons, and 2/10 of Lab works. Otherwise, the score for that lessons would be zero.
Article 17: If the absences of a student in a subject exceed the limits (4/17 of the lesson, and 1/10 of training, internship and workshop) and are recognized as justified, that subject will be deleted. In such cases, observing the minimum of 12 credits limitation in a semester is not necessary, but that semester will be counted as a full semester in academic years.
Article 18: Unjustified absence in a subject’s final exam is considered as acquiring a score of zero in that exam. A justified absence leads to the deletion of the subject, and the student must retake subject.
Article 19: if, total hours of absence (justified or unjustified) in each practical or internship courses exceed one out of 10, the student must repeat the total course again.
Article 20: The Educational Council of the University decides, if the absences from classes, practical & internship and examination sessions are justified or unjustified.
NOTE3: The University will hand in a written document indicating the conditional status of the student to the student and one copy of the document should be kept in the records of the student. In this way, the student will sign a terms of receiving the conditional statues, meaning. s/ he is inform about its regulations and outcomes.
NOTE 4: The under-conditions students are not allowed to select more than 14 units for that semester.
Article 21: If a student becomes conditioned for 3 or 4 periodic semesters in the 1st or 2nd stages of M.D or Pharm.D programs, s/he will be barred from continuing the study in those fields.
Article 22: The maximum duration for M. D. Program is a total of 10 years (the first 5 years is allocated to the first and second stages and the next 5 years to the third and fourth stages) and for Pharm D is 9.5 years.
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